Psychic *long but hopeful *


So earlier this year I was in a hopeless place. I was in a deadend relationship with an abusive man. . His ex tormented me, and I was just miserable. I couldn’t take much mode. I was willing to move my child and I across the country to get a fresh start. I went by chance to see a psychic after it weighing on my heart, and two friends bringing this woman up.

I went to see her.: she told me she saw me I was a mother of3. Y’all. I had an ectopic pregnancy AND a miscarriage. I told her this,/!: she said it shows right here. It wasn’t the right time. It shows here you’re nervous and don’t trust getting pregnant, but you’re going to have one.. and maybe adopt? You’re meant to have 3.

Y’all I was debating getting my tubes tied.

She also told me I was debating a move, but not to do it. That something amazing was coming right around the corner, and to wait until the summer. That a move in life would happen in fall.

She told me that all my hopes and dreams were going to come true, handed to me on a silver platter.. that it was a gift from the universe.. a divine intervention.

She told me she saw that I had a good heart.. and that I was with someone who had a vice who hurt me.. and became violent *my ex* and thatthere was an evil I my life that was destroying me, but not to allow it.. *his ex*

She told me I was meant to marry someone who would love me very much - and not o let this ones relationship with their ex deter me, because they only get along for the kids..-!: she’d be with someone she loved.

Suffice to say

I met my husband, YES husband in the summer.. when I was in a I’m not dating or meeting anyone phase.. he agreed to be a friend, and his EX wife messaged me to go on a date with him. Yes. His ex wife. He had talked to her boyfriend about me, and she knew me from her sister being my friend.

We one.. we talked about the grandparents we’d be.. date two we kissed and I swear, everything around us froze.. it was unreal. We’ve never spent a day apart from the first date. We got engaged within 3 months, married within 5. His daughter (from prior to ex wife) calls me mom, and I’ve brought up adopting her.. here’s hoping for her 10th birthday this becomes a reality ..: but for now, My son has four step siblings., and he’s thrilled.

I moved in with him right in the middle of the summer. We gotMARRIED in the fall.

The day after we got engaged my husband told me he was no longer wanted to get a vasectomy. That he wasn’t sure he was done having kids. The day after we got married he mentioned a baby again, and I told him i wasn’t against it. He cried.. real happy tears.

Y’all.. it JUST clicked. Like right smack dab before I wrote this.

So here’s hoping for baby dust. Because we started trying last month... and with all of this,my heart is so hopeful.