TTC How Much Sex? Am I Going Crazy


My husband and I have been TTC since March and so far unsuccessful. He has one child, a son 18 years old, I haven't had any children yet. I'm 23 my husband is 40. (No judgement please) we have been married for almost 5 years now happily.

The question I have is how often do you ladies have sex while TTC? I know I chose an older man to love but sometimes I feel unfulfilled. In the beginning of our relationship, like most, we were jackrabbits. I couldn't keep up with him but now or roles have switched. My sex drive went through the roof this past year while his whimpered away. I know alot of the dilemma is caused by our ages. Believe it or not I was aware 😂 However sometimes I wonder if that is just a nice excuse to turn me down. Especially when we are "trying for a baby" but yet sex gets avoided most days.

I know I should be thankful and I very much am for his place in my life. The love he provides and the partnership. I just can't shake the feeling that his age didn't just shut off his penis 🙄 it makes me get a little crazy and wonder and search for reasons I don't want to think of but still find in my mind.

So again, the question here is how often do you guys BD?