Anyone else??

Jessica • Jess

Anyone else very irregular and still had a pregnancy ?? After I had my son (2yrs ago my periods been regular and very irregular it’s never a good timing to tell if Every month will be the same. I’ve been hard on myself since my husband and I have been trying for baby number 2! I haven’t had a period since October 11,2018 I took a digital test November 21st came out negative since then the thought of pregnancy got out of my mind completely until 3 days ago I noticed I had to pee more often, I was up all night throwing up, I’ve got somewhat small cramps, my boobs and more tmi my nipples itch and hurt like crazy! I’ve never noticed any implantation bleeding or any other spotting, I’m scared to take a test cause I don’t wanna get our hopes up to quick once again. I’ve posted a year ago when I took 5 test they all came back positive but I was never pregnant I’m really scared that will happen again I wanna see if anyone could relate to my situation to help me be more calm. Tomorrow we will be going to the doctors very nervous praying for a miracle y’all.

Btw sorry it’s a long post I need to vent and talk.