Pregnant, slightly terrified & looking for advice


This is my first pregnancy & unfortunately things didn’t work out with the Dad. I chose to end things as they weren’t healthy. It’s been almost four months and he’s still unbelievably hurt. He won’t talk to me & when he does it’s stuck in a victim mode which isn’t productive. He won’t involve himself in the many ways I have offered so he can try to bond with the baby before it arrives. He messaged me the other day to inform me he’s going for his full parental rights which honestly terrifies me as we have no relationship & I have no trust with him. I was excited until that message now I just don’t know what to do. I’ve hardly slept since. Any ladies here have some suggestions on what I can do? To top it all off the day before he sent the message I found out my (step) dad who raised me has 4-18 months to live. Looking for any advice possible will settle for cute animal & baby pictures.