I’m scared

So me and my boyfriend still haven’t stepped into sex cause we both think we are not really ready yet. But we do other things like he fingers me and I give him hand/blow jobs. This morning he was over and I was only wearing my pjs which are a T-shirt and underwear..... things escalated and he started fingering me and i gave him a hand job but his penis was not wet or anything and my hands were dry and he said he wouldn’t touch my vagina if there was cum on his hand. I’m just a lil concerned but considering that his dick was dry and I didn’t will anything wet on my hand when I jerked him of I am guessing I shouldn’t be worried

Also today my stomach and my right thigh are in so much pain (idk if it could be related to me working out) and I had a clear/white discharge very liquid this morning

UPDATE:is this discharge normal and I have really bad stomach aches