Things they didn’t tell me

Everyone told me when I was younger how it only takes one time for you to get pregnant; what they didnt tell me is how hard it is to get pregnant when you want to.

They didnt tell me that every month when my period comes I’m going to breakdown and cry. It’s like I lose a little part of my heart.

They ALWAYS told me to lose weight but they never mention the girls who are bigger getting pregnant at the drop of a dime.

They told me to stop trying and let it come naturally but they didn’t tell me how hard it hurts to hear someone say those words.

They never tell you that youll have to take your temperature daily, take pills constantly, buy so many ovulation kits and pregnancy tests that you could put a down payment on a house.

They never told me that my husband would have to stay home from work once a month when my period comes because I won’t want to get out of my bed.

They never told me I would end up hating my body because it can’t do the one thing that I really want it to.

They never told me how ASHAMED I would feel when someone asks if we’re still trying or the looks that people give because we STILL haven’t gotten pregnant.

They never told me that after trying for 24 months my husbands ready to give up. And that kills me because he’s the strongest man I know and seeing him break down breaks my heart.

I know some people might not agree with me on some of these parts and I’m sorry. But after 24 months of a vicious cycle I had to vent. If you’ve been where I’ve been or are going through this now IM SO SORRY.

My heart goes out to you.❤️


Thank you ladies so much for all the support! You all will be in my thoughts. Sending so much baby dust to you all you’ll have twins!😉 SO and I are going for a consult next month so 🤞🏻! Thank you so much❤️❤️