7 weeks 4 days baby measured 6 weeks 1 day



It’s my first pregnancy and I just had a first ultrasound yesterday.

I was supposed to be 7 weeks 4 days from the day of my period, but the embryo measured at 6 weeks one day and they didn’t find a heartbeat...

Midwife told me this is normal at 6 weeks but she’s concerned that embryo is smaller than she though and that there’s a chance it stopped developing a week ago...

I understand doctors have to give you all scenarios including worst case, but man, it’s a pregnant woman they are dealing with. I’m so shaken up now.

I know all my dates exactly and from the day of my ovulation it was exactly six weeks yesterday. It’s very confusing and heartbreaking and I need to wait another week to do another ultrasound.

Anyone here who’ve been through this?? Please?