Shortness of breathe so early?

For the past 2 days Ive been extremely short of breathe and dizzy. When i stand up I get dizzy and if im walking from my room to the bathroom for example i feel like i just ran a mile. Today i was in the shower and i started to feel weird and i just told myself its all in my head but nope! Standing in the shower and doing my makeup made me tired and out of breathe! Then i had to change the cat litter and felt like i was going to pass out afterwards😩 not to mention ive been extremely tired lately. No matter how much red bull i drink i can still fall asleep 20 mins after for hours. AF is due in 3-6 days. Im on CD 28 out of a 31-35 day cycle. Is this too early to be experiencing this? Ive never experienced this with AF before.

*also i just want to note that i was drinking the red bull before i ever suspected i could be pregnant lol i know its probably not good for pregnancy and it was only 2 of them lol*