Crazy moods


Hey everyone, I have had the craziest moods today. I am 6weeks+1. I want to cry, yell at someone, and be hugged at the same time. I cant get it in one place. Everyone's voice makes me want to punch them. I've always prided myself on not being too much of an outwardly emotional person and this little bundle in me is bringing it all out at once today. I work with all men so I try to not startle them with my emotions. Only 2 of them are aware of my pregnancy so I can get help with heavy lifting, and I haven't told my parents yet or I would be calling my mom crying right now.

My husband is amazing but I don't want to bother him while at work or he's going to convince me to leave work and cry with our animals at home and then he'll bring me a box of tissues and a hot pockets and cheetos (what I've been craving)

Is anyone else having this? Does anyone have any recommendations on getting my emotions more grounded? Or know of anyone willing to let me punch them for a little bit? That might help too.