What is going on any clue


So I need Anserws anyone with helpful advice maybe could give me a possible explanation for what’s going on or can possibily relate ... so according to the glo app I was 8 days late but for the past couple months the glo app has been weeks off its prediction . So every month I’m late take pregnancy test it’s negative period pops up when it wants to apparently ... so this month it’s been 8 days same things took pregnancy test negative I start bleeding yesterday but it’s spotting no like my normal period which is a flow so I barely covered the pad but I put tampon on it covered whole tampon it leaked a little on panty liner had on under changed put another tampon when I got in tub took it out tampon dry was like 👀 weird so got out tub no blood all night none had patty liner on this morning brownish still really light any idea what gives

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