IUD pregnancy


Okay so I’m new on this app. I am usually on time with my period every month. I have been on the Mirena IUD for about 4 and half Years. I have always had my period every month it never went away. But I THINK I didn’t have a period last month? I mean if I did it was most likely way off schedule. But I do remember that around my normal time of the month I spotted one day and then it went away, spotted again three days later then went away and I haven’t had a period since. It’s not December and I’m in my normal days to start but I haven’t yet.

**i know most women and doctors say that while on the Mirena it’s likely to not have a period or have light periods. But it just seems weird how all this time I’ve always had one and not light, so why would it stop now?? When I’m almost done with it.

Just trying to get some advice on this, has anyone gotten pregnant with the Mirena? Have you had any complications with it?