16 year anniversary


Just some things iv come to learn in my 16 years of marriage I still can’t believe we have been married 16 years today. Trust me ladies there were times I didn’t think my marriage would last we had many ups and downs. If there’s any advice I can give you younger ladies wanting to throw the towel is when you have an argument don’t go for insults and screaming matches no matter how angry you are never cuss or call names to each other don’t lose that respect to each other. And something I learned and this took time and maturity I’m not gonna lie is lower your ego. What I mean by that is even if you know your in the right and he messed up don’t hold grudges and don’t be mean don’t be the woman that belittles him, and if you fight back with love it makes him realize what a great woman he has. Don’t forget to tell him if he works hard that you appreciate him working hard trust me it makes a difference. I hope to all you ladies to have a wonderful happy relationship it’s definitely possible.