Clearblue ovulation test false positives?

Pen • 8/17 🌈👧🏼 | 11/19 🌈👦🏼| 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Backstory- D&C at 12 weeks on November 13 - last false positive pregnancy test November 30 - first clear negative pregnancy test December 2

So I’ve been using clearblue digital ovulation tests since the day after getting the negative pregnancy test, and I got all low fertility until this past Monday December 10 when I got a high fertility result. Had sex that night, immediately after had very light pink spotting. Didn’t think much of it as sex can cause spotting any time. Spotting continued the next day, nothing in my underwear but every few times I’d go to the bathroom I’d see it when I wiped, alternating between pink and brown.

Earlier today (day four of “high fertility”) there was brown spotting on the toilet paper twice. Then just now the paper was covered in red blood, just slightly more than what I’d consider spotting.

My question is, is it possible I’m getting my period and the ovulation tests are picking up something that is causing a false high fertility reading? I know ovulation spotting is a thing but this seems different from what I’ve read about ovulation spotting.

Plus I thought I’d need to ovulate before getting my period but when would that have even happened if I only just stopped getting false positive preg tests?

Ugh so frustrating.