Feeling SO alone.

Is anyone else feeling alone as heck? My husband is finishing up school, he literally has one last assignment due tomorrow and then he is done with his undergrad. I’m proud of him and all the effort he put on this semester, he has been living on 3h of sleep a night to take take care of everything. I’m from another country and unfortunately all his family lives in different states.

I don’t really have any friends that would do things for me, like help when I have cravings or anything like that.

I know it’s mostly pregnancy hormones but I’m feeling so neglected, like nothing special is happening. He also doesn’t seem to care a lot about whatever I eat. We had McDonald’s for lunch today because I’ve been on bedrest and he couldn’t cook. That was the only meal we had, and when I asked if he was hungry for dinner he said no and that was it. No asking if I was hungry, no asking if he could help me with anything.