Just me?

2nd UPDATE: my kid who’s 3 came in and took a shower (we have one bathroom) so it’s currently like 1000 degrees and my stomach is killing me! I tried to get up off the toilet and the toilet seat broke off so I’m trying not to die laughing and from embarrassment. Third of all our toilet sucks and we don’t have a plunger so pray for me that this goes down smoothly 😂😂

UPDATE: this is the dumbest thread I’ve ever seen or created. I told him ‘dude I’m gonna keep it real with ya. I gotta take a shit’ he just looked at me and went back to sleep. Pray for me because I might die from embarrassment. 😂😂 #CurrentlyTakingAShit

Anyone else scared to take a shit in the same house as their partner? I just moved in with my bf & idk why but I’m like super scared to. I’ve been going to my parents house but they live 30 minutes away. I’ve always been like this. HELP ME 😂😂