Me n the tutor 😍

So, today when I went for my class, it was quite early in the morning and the other one hadn't arrived yet. I was already quite horny as we both were touching each other here n there while he was teaching me. He was rubbing my neck with his hand while teaching me, n I was getting really wet n turned on, I just closed my eyes to enjoy his touch. Then when I pinched him on the stomach, he pulled me on his lap, my legs on his either sides. He was biting and kissing my neck like crazy n it was hard not to moan! Then he started pressing my boobs n pulled my top till neck n started biting n sucking, I was so much turned on, I wanted him really bad! He then started rubbing my clit with one of his hands while sucking my boobs, n to keep my mouth shut I bit his neck, leaving a hickie... 🙈 He then started rubbing both our parts on each other, m on top, cloths still on, all while pressing my boobs n kissing my neck. I then pulled him up n dragged him to his bedroom, n started kissing like crazy.. Then I made him stand n removed his pants, to see a huge member! I grabbed him n started sucking. After a few mins he came.. Then I moved on top of him, he was fingering me, n I was kissing n biting his neck, leaving several hickies. I came in a few mins. After this session, we went back to studying, but kept on touching each other here n there, n once in every min he would press my boobs or start rubbing my clit over my jeans. It was so hard to control myself!

He was giving me some home work, n I refused, he was not having it so I started tickling him, n to stop me he started rubbing my vagina.. God! After the other student came, I kept on troubling him when the other one was not watching.. It was really hard to control ourselves today!