Hard year.

Just want to come on here and say how hard this year has been and hopefully other will comment below if they have had a hard year and we can all support each other even if it’s the smallest thing that made your year hard or a really big thing!!

This year has been hard and one of the worst years to be honest I’m 21 years old and I moved into my boyfriend family home this year and we adopted his 10 year old brother as their mum sadly past away from cancer in September, we all have had to get used to change and me and my partner have had to get used to the fact that we are now parents basically to his young brother we have rowed and got under each other skin me and SO went from going out every other weekend to staying indoors and only going out all of us I’ve seen him break and I’ve seen him be stronger than I ever thought it would be we went from being lazy to him going to school meetings and clubs with his brother after school and me going to work not coming home and sitting down anymore but me tidying the whole house and going shopping not for myself anymore but for washing powders and household cleaning products we both grew up very quickly and a number of times he told me I didn’t have to do this it and I didn’t have to take all this on but I would not let him do it alone and I will continue to help both of them, I will continue to be the women figure his brother needs and I will continue to be the women my boyfriend needs!!❤️