Is this early pregnancy symptoms?

Sorry for the long post....

Getting impatient and just want to test now, however I dont want to get a negative result and loose hope.

I am trying for my rainbow baby.

My fertile window was between 27th November and 3rd December.

I ovulated on the 2nd December.

Had sex on the 30th November, 1st and 2nd December.

EWCM on 30th November, 1st and 2nd December.

I had watery cm on the 3rd and 4th December.

Since the 5th December I have been had EWCM every other day, which is much more CM than normal.

My period is due in 2 days.

I had tummy cramps and an upset tummy every other day for the past week.

Nausea in the morning and throughout the day since the 10th.

And getting headaches for the past 2 days.

I dont know if this is pregnancy symptoms or not as when I fell pregnant before I never had any symptoms.

Just wanting some advice please.