Feels like I’m being diagnosed with everything

That plus size women get in pregnancy. And it’s really disheartening.

Pre-pregnancy I had low normal blood sugar and blood pressure and my health was PERFECT aside from a higher BMI (which they weren’t concerned about based on my health).

I’m 17 weeks now and got hypothyroidism like a week after learning I was pregnant. And now.. signs of high blood pressure and Gestational Diabetes.

I’m so upset. I know there are WAY WORSE things but I’m stuck in my pity party (I just got the call about GD today). I’m feeling so defeated as I’ve maintained a very healthy diet (lost weight not gained so far in pregnancy) and exercise with a trainer. Ugh. I kinda feel like my body is failing at pregnancy.

Sorry for the vent. I’m feeling all the feels over this today. I was supposed to be the healthy fat pregnant lady beating all the stereotypes - instead I’m getting everything. 😓