Jan baby became Dec baby


On the 10th of December my sons 4th birthday I was having painful contractions that would not wear off. This was 5 Am . It’s now 7 am and I can’t take it ! My husband calls an ambulance since the pain is making unbearable to walk . We get to the hospital and they hook me up to the monitor . For heartbeat and contractions . Still in a shitload of pain ! From my home to the hospital I was 5cm dilated station 2 and only 80% effaced 🙄. I swear my husband was my biggest supporter 💙. They admit me send me to l&d to be monitored there. Still in so much pain contractions are not popping up I needed oxygen for baby’s heart rate poking me with ivs veins blowing up got sick 😒🙃. Ugh now it’s Tuesday and I’m all worn out no energy in pain crying need medicine morphine not working nothings helping . They check me for improvements and still the same 😪 mannnnnn! It’s not been a while 2 days in labor they refused to break my water as I was only 36 weeks and 4 days they wanted her to bake a little more . They gave me my second shot for baby’s lung maturity. I still couldn’t deal I’d fall asleep and wake up with the most pain smh! Wednesday morning they check me nothing ! Nothing at all but they decided to break my water as I’d be 37 weeks Thursday ! And baby just couldn’t do it no more . So Wednesday around 7 am they break my water ! Contractions all day needles in wrong spots no pain meds I progressed to 6-7 cm with 5 hrs . Around 6 I begged for medicine and never had an epidural and begged for that at 7:04 pm my daughter decided to wanted to make her grand entrance at 6lbs 8oz . By far the worst pain I went through with any of my babies lol would I do it again yes I would !

Kehlanii Nova Wildman

Finally going home today 💜🙏🏽