First Christmas photo shoot FAIL


My attempt at getting a cute picture of her in her dress by the tree...

I pictured them coming out way better in my head 😆

Find something to occupy her so I have a free second to snap the pic...

Check! candy cane. She loved it!

A little too much LoL

Ended up completely distracting her instead of just holding her attention, so we ended up with these..

Oh no, didn’t get the tree in picture..

Must! try! again!

Woo! Got the tree in picture too!!

Tried without the candy cane. Not my best idea lol

And I present to you my favorite from the shoot.... She’s SOOOOO pissed!!!!

I like to caption it as..



Thank goodness I still have time to try for more lol I’m sure it can’t get any worse than this attempt

These are the kinda pics you’d likely find on Pinterest expectations vs reality 😂 I can’t even make this shit up