First pregnancy!

RS • Baby girl born August 2019👶🏻 💕 Baby #2 Oct 2021 ✨

Just got my first ever BFP at 10dpo on 12/10/18 according to the apps calculations I’m almost 5 weeks...I didn’t know they base it on the first day of your last period! Anyways I am so beyond happy, excited, scared! I have been mildly cramping on and off for about a week! Hoping this is normal! Omg we’ve been trying for this moment for almost 10 months! My first appointment is 1/14/19 I thought that was so far away but I’m hoping everything goes well and we have a healthy baby and an easy going pregnancy! Congrats to all the mamas out there and baby dust to all the future mamas to be! I am so beyond blessed and excited I can’t contain it! I haven’t told my family yet but plan to tell them xmas weekend! It’s so hard to keep it a secret though! 💕💕💕🎄