when i was only 13 i met my true love yes its young but i new he was the one😍 anyways we was young & stupid so we went our seperate ways it wasnt a proper relationship but more or less the same.

07 april 017 i was not far of release after gettin sentenced too 4 an a half yrs in prison, that day my whole world brightened i cudnt wait for my release (tho i was alredy excited too see my family) it was him my soul mate i recieved a letter & since that day we have been together pretty much 24/7 i cudnt wish for anything more plus weve been tryin for a baby i miscarried in august😔 i am 20 now & hes 21 btw..

2weeks ago what i never cud of imagine happening.. HAPPENED😔😭

these past 2weeks have been the worst 2 ever💔,

iv had trouble sleeping

crying every 2 seconds literally

cudnt eat

cudnt face the world

i felt & looked like pure shit😔

yes weve had our bad times but weve also had good times amazing times that il never forget😍

ino he stil wants me as he met me a day before ovulation noing it was that day🤭 he also keeps blocking then unblocking my number.

everytime i ask for advice people say ‘its time too move on’ ‘he aint worth it’ blahblahblah, thing is these people are only seeing the bad times weve had, if they cud feel how i felt about him it wud be different💯!

this aint going too mean shit too any body unless theyve lost the love of there life😔😭

anyway lets skip too today, my number is blocked because iv had quite alot of discharge since we last had sex, i send him pictures cuz who wudnt want too tease there man whilst apart😏, last night i sent him a picture & told him i dont no why theres so much🤯.. okay so he blocked me & assumed i went out fucking?🤨

i cant even think about food without feeling sick let alone another lad ffs😂!!

i do miss him & wud do literally anything too get him & me back together honestly😒💯!

also my wedding dress arrive today its GORGEOUS😍😍 just a shame i wont get too wear it

the question is -

how do i get threw too him & get him too see i havent been fucking & hopefully get threw it all.