Getting pregnant while breastfeeding?

Hi everyone- help/advice/reassurance needed: I am EBF my 6 month old daughter and have gotten my full period back only last month. Before then it was light spotting here and there, but only a month ago it was the full on period (like i got before I was pregnant). I know breastfeeding isn’t a 100% effective birth control method so my husband and i use condoms (I’m not on the pill). A few weeks ago we had sex where he entered me for a bit, then pulled out before completely ejaculating, put a condom on, and then came back inside of me (wearing said condom). I haven’t gotten a period again in 35 days (much longer than my cycle normally is). Is this funky new period schedule because of breastfeeding hormones? Or should I go get a pregnancy test? Possible that any pre-ejaculate got me pregnant? Has anyone experienced this before?