Hypothyroidism and milk supply

Andrea • FTM to a beautiful baby girl 💖 Veterinary Technician 👩‍⚕️🐈🐕

Any other hypothyroid moms out here? My LO is just over a month old but I have struggled with my milk supply since she was born! I just read that having hypothyroidism can/will decrease your supply even if you’re being regulated with medication. I’ve been having to supplement with formula because my breasts don’t produce enough milk for a feeding unless I wait 4+ hours in between. I just can’t let my baby go that long without feeding. I feel like a failure because my body can’t provide efficiently for my baby. If you moms do supplement with formula, which brands do you use? I am currently supplementing with ENSPIRE by Enfamil. Bonus picture of my angel Baby Emí 💖