Can someone give me advice


Is there anyway I can transfer my baby to another hospital? He’s 4 weeks premature and this is day 8 and he’s still not finishing his food. The nurses stuck a feeding tube in his nose without my consent or calling me to tell me they were going to do it. They are giving him a 20-30 min span to finish 2 ounces of milk Nd if he doesn’t, they shove the rest in the tube. In my eyes, he’s not getting any better. It’s the same routine every hour. I’m SO frustrated Bc I’m thinking to myself, how is he going to get any better or learn how to do it when you’re giving a preemie 20-30 min to finish 2 ounces of milk and when he gets sleepy, you just throw it all in the tube? HOW is he going to get better? He’s literally in the nicu Bc of the feeding. That’s the thing keeping him from coming home. They keep telling me that it’s like a lightbulb and he’ll eventually do it on his own. I AM SO EXHAUSTED AND FRUSTRATED Bc no one is listening to me or my ideas