Do you think it's ok to steal a pet of it's being abused?


Example... my neighbor had a kitten and her daughter would physically abuse this poor baby and even tell me stories of things her kid did and would never correct her.. kid is about 6 or 7 I believe, the kitten loves me and even tries to come into my apartment when she sees me.. the mom has even joked saying "you want her? I dont even like her" and laughed.. so I took the kitten and gave her a nice home (I have 2 cats already so I couldn't have her).. now shes so loved with a friend of mine and strictly inside.. but the kid screams for her cat.. but then jokes saying maybe she got eaten and the mom says "yay now I can throw out the little box" and the kid just assumes the cat ok s dead.. she doesnt seem upset but when I've told people of this they give me so much crap that it was so wrong to take the cat..

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