Baby has attitude

I feel like my 11 week old has a major attitude 😂.. she literally goes from giggling and smiling like crazy and cooing to screaming and fussing and flailing her arms, scratching and hitting her face. Generally cause she decided she wants my boob right this very second (even after she has already eaten). And she’ll eat for a minute and then use as a pacifier to go to sleep.. but then I try to set her down and her eyes shoot open and she starts screaming again. Let her nurse again and she’ll stop after a minute and just start smiling at me and cooing/squealing again.

She also gets super fussy and screams when tired and trying to fall asleep (if my boob isn’t in her mouth) sometimes she eventually takes a pacifier but will fight it so hard.

My baby is never just chill and content.. either super happy smiling talking or screaming/fussing. She’s also VERY loud for a little baby. Lol

Any other babies like this lol? Did their attitude stay with them or is it something maybe she’ll grow out of.

(I know she’s really not giving me attitude at 11 weeks- she’s just very spirited 😂)