Relationship advice please

I need some advice. My fiance and I are going through a tough patch and I can not handle it. He is a hunter which in return is his 2nd job. So his first job is 9am to 5pm comes home and then goes to bed between 7 and 8 to go to work at his 2nd job at midnight to 1 in the morning and is there until he goes to his 1st job. So when he isnt working it's important to me since we hardly see each other. And I do not benefit from this money and they dont go towards our Bill's. I'm sure because of lack of sleep hes been super irritable. And then hes been doing stuff to piss me off, like trying to trip me in public, and talks to the gentleman he works with when I just wanted him to spend time with me. And on top of that he hasnt been helping around the house at all and expects me to do everything. I need advice on what we can do to work this out. I already talk to him but he had to go to work and I dont want anyone to tell me to leave him because that's not happening. Just need some legitimate advice on what are some things we can do to make both our lives better