Just a tip about the water breaking “gush”

Brianna • Frederick May 2016. William January 2019! ♥️ Stay at home mom with Hashimotos ♥️

So, I just wanted to share my water breaking story from my first birth, as it was a weird experience that I hadn’t heard much about. Drs (not all) tell you to come or call if you get a “gush” or fluid, and that it could/should happen when you stand up.

The morning my labor started I had a very small gush. Incredibly small. Like if you are in your period and a bit comes out at once. This happened a few times, only when I would stand up, but I chalked it up to dishcharge. I had no wet panties, nothing. Just a little bit of “discharge” feeling here and there.

15 hours later my contractions were bad enough to go into the hospital. The nurse who checked me stated “well, you’re only 4 cms but your waters are broken so we are keeping you!” After she checked me the flood gates opened and my waters officially broke. Since we had no idea when my waters actually broke, I started pictocin. All I can think of is that my boys head blocked the waters enough so they didn’t rupture fully!

This is just a story for some of you to read that’s a little bit different than the normal waters breaking gist. Hope it’s helpful!