He’s so cute.


So my boyfriend is playing his call of duty game online and he’s talking to his friends. Well I’m watching Hulu on my tablet and I usually can’t hear anything when I have my headphones in. Well he’s asking his friends about diamond necklaces and bracelets and other things asking if they think it’s a good gift for me cause he has no idea what to get me because he buys me everything I want throughout the year therefore there’s nothing I really want at Christmas. Then he goes on to say that I’ve always been there for him through everything that has happened and I always support him no matter what. 😍😍 we’ve been together 8 years and we just moved 6 hours away from my family to be where he works so that we’re not apart anymore. I love listening to him talking about me to his friends online when he thinks I can’t hear him. I love him.