We’ve decided on using the withdrawal method


Me and my partner have been together over 3 years, I was on the implant for most of our relationship then changed to the pill but both messed up my body. So I came off hormonal bc and we just used condoms but condoms don’t agree with either of us, for him it reduces sensitivity a lot and we’ve tried different kinds, and for me it always starts to hurt and is a nightmare when we have no lube.

So, I’ve looked into the withdrawal method and I’m happy with the 96% success rate if done properly. My partner has great control and I trust him completely. (We’d use a condom when I’m ovulating obviously)

We don’t want a baby just yet, if it happened it wouldn’t be the end of the world but definitely not ideal because we just purchased a home together and money is a little bit tight atm .

Does anyone else exclusively use this method and what is your experience with it?