Rant πŸ˜’πŸ˜€

Last night I told my husband he was getting up with the baby so I could sleep since he’s off and I work. I also have been the one getting up with her for the past two weeks. Plus I had a mini mental breakdown last night because I was so sleepy. 😴

She wakes up today as usual around 430 and I have to wake him because he will either not hear her or act like he doesn’t in hopes that I will just take care of her. πŸ˜’

He goes to use the bathroom first then comes back and puts her pacifier in her mouth. I go pee and when I come back he’s just sitting on my side holding the pacifier in her mouth. She likes to spit it out and then cry because she wants it back. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

I go make her a bottle and tell him that she is not going to go back to sleep with just the pacifier. He ask me to hand her to him so he can β€œat least change her diaper” πŸ€”

I guess he must have seen my face because after changing her he feeds her but he does this on my side of the bed so instead of me being able to go back to sleep I’m awake on his side waiting. πŸ™„

After feeding her and burping her she gets a little fussy so he props her up between his legs against her stomach. She looks at me and gives me a huge smile so now I know she’s not going to fall back asleep like that. But meanwhile he is falling asleep

I get up, take her, and kick him out of my side. He’s knocked out while I’m here holding baby girl and ranting to you.

For all that I should have just dealt with her myself in the first place since 90% of the time she passes right back out after her change and bottle.

Dear god I feel like a single parent sometimes. I get him not helping this past week since he was sick but wtf. Ugh. Thank god I don’t work super early today like I usually do.