Michelle • Boy Mom 💙 Ethan & Noah

So I know all babies have reflux and breastfed babies are really spitty, but how do you know when baby needs medication? I have an appointment with our pediatrician this afternoon, but I’m just curious to hear about your experiences.

My son is really bothered by it and constantly swallowing milk that comes back up. He arches his back during every feed, grimaces in pain during and after feedings, and even hiccups bother him. He does not projectile vomit, but spits up with every feeding. I have to hold him upright for 30 minutes after every feed and sometimes that doesn’t even work. Does this sound normal at 7 weeks or like we have a problem? I don’t remember having these issues with my first.

Update: Ped diagnoses him with reflux and we are going to start meds. Thanks for the input ladies!