Would you be with someone if you had literally nothing in common with?

I’ve been with this guy on and off for 2.5 years. This last time we got back together I thought this would be it. We love each other. The timing was just always so off. But now that we spend more time together I’m realizing how little we have in common. From food to movies to how we handle certain aspects of our life. Practically nothing is the same. The way we eat, how we think about our healthy, money, etc. The movies and tv shows we like are so far opposite. Im just not sure this can be a lasting relationship. He doesn’t contribute much, never any surprises or showing he loves me. I like to think outside of the box and always find ways to show I love and care. He’s a homebody who just keeps to himself. We are long distance now for a little while and we NEVER talk on the phone. No FaceTime. No pictures. Nothing. I’m in a relationship with text messaging. I’m 36 and he is 32. We were raised differently for sure and our values and morals are different too! What would you do? How important is all of this?