Honestly, I spend so far on a basement renovation over 15,000 to make it into a suite . My budget on the Reno is 20,000(its not even done yet) Aka : baby room, my suite and a bathroom + egress window with all the other little things- in my moms townhouse. This is all my money that I've been spending from inheritance and such.

My mom and I have never really gotten a long . We are so fucking opposite it drives me crazy !

Where I live (20mins away from D.C) everything is so expensive even an apartment! I honestly couldn't afford to live in one even if I was working full time..but I work and go to school.

And I especially dont want a roommate to depend on. So that's out


I'm planning on making a budget for stuff I would need for downstairs

A pullout couch to sleep on. Tv stand/new tv, rugs, table ect !

And basic neccecities for me and my baby(the nursery)

However my mother called me crazy because she thinks I'm spending too much money and called me crazy..I'm super hurt..

I'm not asking her for a penny in my investments, it's just really annoying how she thinks she can call me crazy and say I'm spending too much. Well obviously, shit is expensive and I dont like to get low quality stuff.

😑I wish I had enough money to move out . But I dont right now. So

I'm stuck being with her..I'm just scared this is going to be a BIG FIGHT.

I'm working as much as I can now because finals are over with- so I will have a lot saved up..

I dont know why she is mad or upset ?