False positive opk with clomid? Bd or no bd?

Melissa • Daughter 12/1/2016 ♥️ 32 weeker ToF PA MAPCAs ♥️ pregnant with #2 🌈 baby ♥️ MC 10/3/2018 👼

So I'm cd9 and got what the opk reader on the app says is a positive opk. I took clomid CD 3-7 so I know it could be a false positive from the clomid..... However it makes me nervous because my husband and I were going to have a non bd night since it was still early and he can only go so many times in a row and we dtd the past two nights for fun. Did you get a false positive on clomid? Did you get a second peak?? Last month I never got anything close to a positive until CD 17 (clomid CD 5-9). I don't know if we should bd anyway because it *could* be real.ifi do I risk it being false and my husband not being able to later for the *real* one but if I don't and it *is* real then we could be missing out 😥 so confused!!! What should I do? Did you ever get a false positive opk?? Did you get a second peak???

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