Whoa how did this happen??

Trish • Mama of twin boys and a beautiful rainbow baby girl, married to my high school sweetheart.😍💍🌈

Just got this not so faint positive which showed up after only 1 minute!!

Hubby had to leave for work this month from the 2-8 which was my fertile week. I was pretty sad because we've been trying since Nov 2017 and I've had one chemical and one miscarriage in that time. I just turned 38 in October so was starting to feel pretty hopeless it would ever happen.

On the 9th I had some pretty pronounced O pain on the left side so wondered if maybe we didn't miss it. Been feeling pretty achy and bloated the past couple days so decided to grab a cheapie from the dollar store while grocery shopping and to my suprise it came up positive!

This is the third positive test for us in this TTC journey throughout the last year so here's hoping the third time's the charm! Trying not to get too excited but it's pretty hard not to♥️