Thoughts or advice?

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So today, 39 weeks dilation checkup... Dr said he couldn't feel my cervix?.. anyway the most disgusting thing happened and im so embarrassed and grossed out.

When he checked me to see if i was dilated he pulled out this long nasty slime of mucus... It fell on the floor🤦🤦 it was so embarrassing.... I asked him if it was normal and he said yeah its just mucus. And it was soo much though. Could it have been my mucus plug?? Hes never mentioned anything about me losing my plug... But anyway he wants an ultrasound on the 26th (my due date is the 24th) to see how much the baby weighs and to see if i have access Amniotic fluid? Baby is still head down and hes worried about her flipping and also said he might want to schedule an induction??? 🤷🤦🤔🤔 What are your thoughts ladies??