Woolino sleep sacks?


I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the investment to get woolino sleep sacks.

Our LO sleeps in a merlin magic suit with footie pjs. I feel like she sleeps well in all temps because the Merlin and her pjs are cotton. But, she’s starting to roll and soon the Merlin won’t be safe.

Are woolino sleep sacks with the price? Are they truly 4 season? We keep the house 70 year round, but I know my husband and I would be more comfortable in the winter if it was 68. But daughters room runs a little colder than ours and in the very cold days we have had so far this season, her room dips to 68/67 when ours is at 70. With footie pjs, will the woolino be warm enough for a baby who runs on the normal to cold side? The Merlin suits are very thick and covers her arms and even in that she never overheats even when her room is at 73