Help! Hubby wants kids to switch rooms!!


I need to know if I am being selfish in my kids stake or if my hubby is in the right.

We have three rooms for the kids. One is pretty big with pink carpet a walk in closet and physical door. The other is a tiny room just enough room for a crib or a twin bed and a dresser with just enough walking space between. It too has a closet. It is right next to the living room and the tv and has no physical door. The other which my eldest boy sleeps in used to be a sun room. The room has one full wall a glass sliding door on one end and windows along the other wall. There is only a half wall separating it from the kitchen and it’s also slightly underground. Meaning he does not really have privacy and he is 13. My hubby wants to move my two little ones out of the pink room into the tiny room where they will have no roomFor their toys or to play. My eldest into the pink room with a door and the baby into the sun room. The small room is 10 by 10 just enough room for the two toddler beds and a dresser. Better suitable for the baby. I honestly don’t know what to do because I feel it’s unfair to all the kids to move them. Each will move to a smaller room so the baby can have a huge room it does not need. Am I being selfish? I honestly want to cry over this situation and he says I have no choice that he is gonna do it weather I like it or not.