Pregnancy Made Him Love Me More


Ever since we found out we are pregnant (4 weeks ago), we’ve somehow fallen more in love than our 5 years together had already offered. I didn’t think it would be possible. What an amazing bonus gift on top of this already amazing experience. He tells me *every*single*day* how he can’t believe he loves me more, but that he FEELS it in his bones.

(^^our 2 year anniversary)

He’s been an amazing partner in our time together, but of course with his faults (as I have my own). He’s pretty stubborn and has difficulty putting himself in others’ shoes/can’t see perspective outside of his own. I didn’t expect him to suddenly be doting during my early pregnancy, especially because I’m not showing at all and we haven’t heard a heartbeat yet. But he’s completely surprised me. He’s been SO helpful the past 2 weeks. Doesn’t ask me to do much and if I tell him I don’t feel up to it, he doesn’t question it. I’ve been so nauseous and taking my prenatal the past 2 weeks has been dreadful because of it. So he’s made it a point to seek out helpful fixes for me, gets up to get me my prenatal every single night (so that I don’t have to move), and brings it to me with chocolate milk (🤣) or juice to help mask the flavor. There are so many little things that add up and my heart is SWELLING with warmth and pride in the daddy he’s already becoming. I feel like the luckiest woman alive.

I want to figure out something to do for him to show him my appreciation (aside from making a baby) for how much he’s stepped up. But in the meantime, I just needed to “vent” somewhere about something I didn’t realize was a part of the pregnancy deal. So thank you for listening 😳❤️

(^^^He always makes this serious face in photos so I was trying to achieve it, but instead of looking like a hot model like him...I just look dumb 🤣)

(The night we conceived 😆)