Why is he so mean to me now?

Im getting really fed up w thw way my husband is to me.

He always yell at me, always call me stupid, dumb, and bitch. Everytime he comes home from work, hes always giving me mean attitude, i feel like hes a bomb, and if i touch it, its gonna explode. Hed lash at me and call me names. Im always walking on eggshells, and always preparing for the worst. I get yelled ar and humuliated by him 3-4x a week.

Hes never been like this until the last few mths of our 4yrs together. Ive been w him for 5yrs, i used to always miss him when hes going to work, or when hes at work. Right now, i cant wait til he goes work. He used to never call me bitch.

Like yesterday i talk over him in a conversation we had, and he started saying fuck u, bitch. Because i made him forget what we were talking about, and what he was saying.

And hed just yell at the lil things, like when he told me to turn off the tv, our samsung remote is always being slow, hed yell at me that im the one being slow, and im just retarded. And he said im the one being stupid and dumb, not knowing how to touch the tv. This happened 3x already.

One time he was touching the remote, he didnt know how to use it, so he told me to do it instead since my fat fingers can touch them.

Hes so mean to me that i always feel bullied and harassed by him. I dont even see him as a husband anymore, more like a bully to me. This makes me think he doesnt love me anymore. Hes never like this before... idont know whats going on. He treats me like a kid.