Depression during pregnancy

No judging please as this has been hard enough.

My husband and I planned a second pregnancy . I got a positive pregnancy test November 4 and was over the moon excited. As the weeks went on I went into a serious depression stage. I couldn’t get out of bed , couldn’t eat , lost interest in everything and just felt hopeless . I also have an almost 3 year old and it was hard for me to care for. I let my doctor knows how I was feeling and they offered me an anti depressant but said it will take 4-6 weeks to work. I was miserable and just felt like I was losing all hope. On December 15 we decided we would end the pregnancy . I regret it but I felt it has to be done because depression is no joke .

My question is. Has this happened to anyone ? Or am I the only one that seems to suffer with a terrible out come? I was told if we try again I have to start anti depressants at least a month before so they are set in when the crazy pregnancy hormones start. I’ve never taking any antidepressants before so, I’m a bit nervous.

Has anyone else gone though this or anything similar and found anti depressants worked for them during pregnancy?

Once again please no judgment .