Baby Gear Already?

Cheyanne • 25. Mommy to a little lady 🌙 Hazel Lee 6.16.19 💕 PCOS Warrior. Off-Grid Living.

So my friends, and family gave me SO MUCH STUFF for baby Hazel I'm so overwhelmed. A whole contractor bag od baby clothes plus a smaller bag plus a stroller, rocker, swing, and carseat. We have a small space. Right now we are in a rental but are also working on our tiny home plus our 2 bedroom we are building. But it wont be ready by June. So I'm trying to look for pointers on how to organize baby's things in the smallest way possible. I dont even have enough dresser space for my own clothes. 😳 my whole SUV was packed full. Any tips, pointers, etc. This is my first babe so I'm so clueless.