He already moved on๐Ÿ˜‘


hey girlies, so i made a post like 5 days ago about how my ex broke up with me because he said he was stressed & he didn't wanna put me in the middle and cause my grades to drop.. as much as it hurt i told him i understood, 4 freaking days after we broke he's talking with his ex again, mind i was concerned about this bitch the whole relationship and he goes and does this. i've been crying the past week over this kid trying to get him back but he blocked my number, snap and main acct on insta.. i texted him on messenger and got left on read, he's still following my spam account on insta but i'm not over him and i don't get how he moved on so fast after 4 months of dating like it bothers me.. there were late nights when i was up comforting him when he was suicidal because he told me that nobody else was there for him and cared for him. he told me i was the only person who actually loved him and he turns around and does this.. he's probably doing just fine so i don't see why i should even bother ๐Ÿ’”