Building trust


A little back story. My boyfriend have been together for three months. He has two kids aged 4 and 5. Thier mom and him fought a lot and they split up 2 years ago, since she had a baby with anothet man. When my boyfriend and i got togethrr i found out i was 6 weeks pregnant from a one night stand. We decided to stay together, keep the baby, and raise her together. Now i am 18 weeks pregnant and last night he told me when he went to drop off the kids his ex said she was single and wanted to get back together. He said no. That we have a baby on the way and hes happy. But i guess a while ( 6mo to a year before us) he haf told thier mutual friends he would drop anything to get back with her. I cant help but to be nervous. I just need advice. I dont want to bring my babygirl into this relationship if hes gonna dip to his ex. Thanks.