Tips to boost LO's weight gain? Dream feed?


Recently my 4 month old daughter's weight gain has seriously slowed, almost stopped actually so I'm a bit concerned. Right now she goes to sleep around 8pm and she has been sleeping through the night for 11 hours on average. Not sure if that is contributing. During the day I nurse her every 2-2 1/2 hours. If I try to nurse her any more frequently than that she refuses the breast. So in total she probably has 7 feedings per day. Wondering if I should introduce a dream feed to try and help? Not sure what else to do. She seems content, and has plenty of wet diapers, but I'm worried her pediatrician is going to suggest I start supplementing which I would rather not do, just a personal choice. Anyone tried adding a dream feed to help with weight gain? Or any other tips? Or am I just worrying too much 😖