Mastitis? Thrush? Help?


What exactly does it feel like if you have a clogged duct or mastitis or thrush? Today I felt like my right boob was always kinda firm in the bottom even after my lo was done eating. So I became paranoid because I had a clogged milk duct. I wouldn't say I felt a lump exactly. My under boob was just firm like I was full but the top of my boob was soft like I was empty. So anyway I decided to pump and massage the area. It still felt firm in 1 spot after pumping and I noticed not too long after that my boob then felt bruised. Im not sure if that's from the massaging or not. Even my daughter nurses my nipple hurts like sharp pains. However she's known for pulling off my nipple while still sucking and she's broken my skin slightly before. So that could very well be the case this time. But I know thrush feels like razor blades when the baby is eating. My boob isn't warm to the touch and there isn't a spot that hurts just by touching it. It just feels bruised when something is putting pressure on it, like when I carry my baby on that side. Anyone have any ideas?