Sending me home in active labor 🤦🏼‍♀️

Kirsten • Wife of 8 years, Mother of two beautiful daughters, first son on the way 😍

I posted about my situation a few days ago of being in the hospital dilated to a 3 and consistent contractions at 3-7 minutes apart. They decided to send me home because I wasn’t dilating fast enough ( I also wasn’t given the option to sit in a birthing ball, a peanut, or walk) just spent my time in a bed. My contractions were very strong so they sent me home with ambien and said to sleep when they got really strong so that my body wouldn’t fight them. This is my 3rd pregnancy by the way and my body has ALWAYS fought itself and I needed help once I reached the stage 4 dilation. Well at my office visit the very next day he checked me again where I had dilated to a 4 and still constant contractions at 3-7 minutes but 1cm over night isn’t considered fast enough so the contractions aren’t doing their job. (They never have) . I’m miserable, some contractions I’m bawled up crying , others I stop dead in my tracks and cry, some I push and stretch so hard I feel like I’m trying to break my body. But his conclusions were that since my body wasn’t progressing fast, and the blood came with the discharge that my contractions are just being a new normal for my body and thinks the best thing to do at this point is keep me home taking ambien when my contractions get strong to sleep through them to see if my body will relax enough to allow them to do their job, zofran and unisom for my nausea, and a pain pill script. He said he wants to see me on the 2nd unless my water breaks or I can’t breath through my contractions . Honestly, I miserable and this self medicating and trying to drug myself to sleep through pain is killing me. With my last daughter I was getting an epidural at a 4 , I’m scared I won’t even have time for that now. Any tips on to progress my dilation or make my contractions strong enough to do their job?!

I started my day with raspberry leak tea

And bouncing on a yoga ball for most of the day

Even took a hot shower

Drank pineapple juice

Working on getting some sexy from the hubby later

Plllease help get this baby out of me!!!!!!!